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A reliable, experienced, visual problem solver.

Hey there! I'm Ana

I have been working professionally as a graphic designer since 2003. My experience ranges from small agencies to in-house marketing teams – check out my resume for all those details! As of 2020, I am a full-time freelance graphic designer with focus in art direction, website design, and brand identity. I have both digital AND print expertise, which sets me apart from the crowd.

Collaboration is key to any lasting relationship.  Together we will define your needs with a creative questionnaire and brainstorm, then sculpt them into functional design solutions that work for you. Read more about my process »

Outside of graphic design, I am — a cosplayer, coffee lover, video game geek, hiker, pug mom, wino, color palette snob, and endless lover of all things travel! BOOP!

Let’s make the world a more beautiful place together.


Ana Terstage Freelance Graphic Designer
What can I help you with?

Freelance Graphic Designer Services

Website & User Interface Design

Branding & Logo Design

Advertising Design - Print & Digital

Brochure & Print Layouts

Presentations & Templates

Email Campaigns

Social Media Branding & Graphics

Event Materials & Premium Giveaways

Video Art Direction & Storyboarding

What's it like to work with me?

A defined process makes for smooth projects

Working with a freelance graphic designer could feel a little like the big unknown. Let me show you how my process works to help you and I both get the most out of working together:

Let's chat about your needs.

We will start with an initial kick off video call to talk about your project and needs to make sure we are both aligned. I like to send over a brainstorm questionnaire targeted towards your project to fill out – and then we can have a more in-depth discussion about the direction of the project. From there — I will research competitors, current trends, strategic planning, and any technical solutions that may be needed to complete the project.

Creating design concepts.

Sketches, mood boards, sitemaps, and initial concepts – depending on the project, you could get to review all of those things! I try to complete 2-3 fully thought through concepts for each project. Once a design concept is decided upon, we can do any revisions to make it perfect.

Making ideas into functioning designs.

Whether your project is a logo, website or marketing brochure – this phase of my process makes all the things real. I will pump out business cards or start development on your website in Wordpress. As soon as items are completed, I love sending them over for initial review or testing. It is a great time for collaboration, especially since you can see and “touch” the deliverables!

Time to let our little bird fly!

Websites get tested and launched. Logo and branding projects get sent to print. Digital ads and graphics get published. Things get real – don’t worry, I will be there with you through it all. I gotchu!

Got questions or want a quote?
Let's Chat!

Currently, I am available for freelance and contract creative design services for websites, branding, marketing and advertising.  Email me directly at anaterstage@gmail.com.