Dead Petals Logo

ClientJason Zimmerman
SkillsSketching / Logo Concepting
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Dead Petals Band Logo

My client and good friend started a electronic/darkwave band, and requested a logo – “Music that makes you cry on the dance floor. Beats that make you groove and lyrics that make you question your existence.”Β 

Jason is an amazing creative, so coming up with designs that meet his expectations scared me! He also wanted an icon that would be recognizable and have lots of texture.

I truly wasn’t sure what direction my client wanted to go in – and since he is a fellow designer/creative, I decided to give him 5 options instead of my usual 3 (I totally knew he could handle it!). He fell in love with #3 in the first round – just minor revisions to the flower per his vision after seeing the designs.Β 

He also only wanted a black & white logo, but I did provide color suggestions if he changed his mind <3